Web20Ranker.com Releases 2021/22 SEO Mad Scientist Annual Testing Report, How To Rank Higher in Google in 2022

Google has launched a series of updates in the last 12 months that have impacted ranking and how the digital marketing world operates. While some updates have thrown SEOs off their feet, others have been welcomed with open arms as an improvement over what was. As always, new Google updates mean algorithmic changes to favor the user experience more. While Google is working hard to meet the needs of its users, SEO experts need to find a way to understand these changes, how it affects them and their clients, and how to adjust or adapt to the new changes without tanking rankings.

Like any other important project, research and testing are important to back up ideas, processes, methodologies, and results. That is why Web20Ranker.com has been in the laboratory, working hard and studying these changes and how they affect SEO, ranking, and other digital marketing pillars. After months of SEO testing across the different properties leveraged by internet marketers worldwide, the agency has come up with the latest installment of its annual SEO report. The 2012/22 report, “How To Rank Higher in Google in 2022,” breaks down everything businesses, brands, and agencies need to know about what works, what they need to dump, and what they need to start doing. The latest report touches on different important areas of ranking, including GMB feature tests, CTR, brand building, indexation, Unicode uses and influencing relevance with emojis.

Interested SEOs and agencies who wish to get ahead of the curve can obtain the SEO Mad Scientist Annual Testing Report to better understand how the latest changes may have affected them and what next to put in place to keep their Search Engine Optimization campaigns successful.

The GMB Listing Tests chapter of the report touches base with all of the important metrics and ranking factors that businesses and brands are familiar with, as well as the newer ones that influence local search and maps ranking. Under the GMB listing test, Web20Ranker.com addresses common questions and concerns like “How Much Do the Description and Services in a Listing Impact Rankings?” Here tests conducted and results obtained across testing are discussed to help SEOs determine whether they should be investing their time and resources into Google Business Profile descriptions and services. The report also offers insights into setting URLs, building links to specific URLs, and changing such links into vanity links.

Other GMB testing done in the report include;

  • If You Set a URL and Build Links to it, Then Change it to a Vanity URL, Are All Links Lost?
  • Does Adding Additional Categories Affect Keyword Rankings?
  • Do GMB Listing Hours, Special Hours, or Open Date Impact Rankings?
  • Do Optimized Q&A Questions and Responses Move the Needle?
  • What is the Impact of Appointment Link on Local Visibility?
  • Can You Move Rankings Adding the GMB Short Link as the Website Connected to Your Listing?
  • How Does the “Business Owner Posting” Image Move the Needle?
  • What Happens When You Add Emojis to the Listing Name?
  • How Does Removing an Address from a GMB listing or Adding a Service Area Affect Rankings?
  • How Does Replying to Reviews with Keywords in the Reply Affect Rankings?
  • How Do Unstructured Citations Move Local Rankings?
  • What Happens When You Create an Optimized GMB Website? What About Adding that Link as Your Website?

The comprehensive report also features several CTR testing to show SEOs the perfect roadmap to ranking higher in 2022. The CTR tests cover important areas and answer cogent questions like CTR as a ranking signal and its exact impact, helping listing managers and SEOs determine whether to keep investing in CTR or dump it altogether. The CTR section of the report performs other tests and answers important questions around;

  • Building Brand
  • How Well Do AP News Links Build Brand Authority?
  • Indexation & Unicode Applications
  • What Indexation Variables is Google Currently Looking At?
  • How Does Google Index Other Unicode Characters, Besides Emojis & Basic Alphabet?
  • Can We Beat the Duplicate Content Algo with Unicode?
  • Can We Index & Rank Unicode Content that Cannot Be Seen (with CSS)?
  • Influencing Relevance with Emojis
  • Can Emojis Be Used to Influence Relevance with Internal Linking?
  • Redirects
  • Do Redirects Still Work?

SEOs and agency owners who wish to learn more about the content of the report can take time out to contact the team at Web20Ranker.com via their website. Others who have read the list and wish to leverage any of the agency’s white label SEO services are welcome to schedule a meeting via their phone line at (800) 455-6832. The Web20Ranker.com office is located at 3915 Union Deposit Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17109 United States for clients who favor physical meetings.

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By Arlene Huff

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