Many people wonder whether it’s okay to run a dating background check on someone. The answer is yes. This is becoming more common as internet dating grows. Here’s why:

About 1 in every 5 daters have some sort of criminal history. By running either a federal, state, county or nationwide background check, users can find out if your potential date is among them. While this service was once mainly used by law enforcement officials, today it is available to the general public. To use this type of site, users simply input some information about the person you are researching, such as age, name, social security number and where they grew up. If daters don’t know what county (or states) a potential date lived in, an on-line state criminal background check may be a better choice.

A dating background check will reveal if the information daters are seeking, comes from public records. Public records include arrest records, death records, inmate records, marriage records and more. The reason a dating website would run a background check is that many daters like to share information amongst themselves. In other words, there are many people in jail right now who have married others, and then got out.

There are many reasons a dating site would run a background check on its members. One reason is to weed out people with criminal histories. People who were previously married are far less likely to have married again. This is also true for people with a sexual offender record.

Dating online free of charge is all the rage these days. The question everyone wants to know is whether or not these free online dating sites actually hold accurate information. The truth is, most do. However, it’s also true that the big names and bigger, more popular dating websites tend to have higher standards for their members than smaller, lesser-known ones do. So, it’s important to understand what those standards are.

One of the biggest reasons dating websites run criminal records checks is to weed out members who may have criminal tendencies. This is usually done by checking out a member’s social media profiles, employment history, educational history and so forth. Members who have been banned or have severe infractions on their public social media profiles are especially watched over. All members, however, are still eligible to run a background check.

Dating sites that offer a free membership are the ones that typically run criminal records background checks. However, some paid dating sites may also do so. If you want to use a paid dating site, make sure you read their privacy policy very carefully. Some paid dating sites will let you do a background check after becoming a member, but others require you to do so when you’re already a member.

Running a free online dating background check is pretty easy. Just find one of the dating sites that runs criminal records checks and run it from there. After potential matches compile a list of people who don’t meet the requirements, matches can then narrow down the list to people who do meet the requirements.

If online daters aren’t sure if a particular girl or guy is who they say they are, daters can run a sex offender registry check through a dating site. A sex offender registry is a national online database that shows all the arrests and convictions of sex offenders in the country. Online daters can run a sex offender search for specific cities or specific states. However, be aware that these searches are not free. This search will likely have to pay a small fee before being granted to access to the full database.

Another way to do a simple check on someone is to use a social media profile. Unfortunately, many people use their social media profiles to plan meetings, solicit relationships. While legally there isn’t anything wrong with these things, it is still important to run criminal background records check on anyone planning an outing from online. With social media, online daters can run a search on the person’s name and see what appears in the search engine. If there is a record in the search engine, then online daters might want to proceed with caution.

No matter how safe a dating site or social media profile might seem, running a simple criminal records check should always be done. Although many people think they are on a dating site only, it is possible that they could be soliciting a relationship. People lie, and with online dating, it’s even easier to do. If individuals are thinking about going on a date online, daters should first run a background check on the person. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if daters are using personal information to place an online ad.

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