Linn, TX: The 100% owner-operated company, Booker Transportation Services, Inc., offers the best lease options for refrigerated carriers alongside timely and safe freight delivery. They attribute their success and consistency in having year-round freight to solid working partnerships with customers and agencies. For first-hand analysis of this long-running success, a detailed list of owner-operators is provided on their website. A key incentive offered to operators by Booker Transportation Services, Inc. is daily pay designed to ensure all the amount earned on any given day is rightfully remitted to the owner-operator.     

The owner-operated carrier business serves new operators and current operators, who enjoy comprehensive support and information resources. The latter includes dispatch information and training resources. Booker Transportation Services, Inc.’s philosophy is taking good care of new owner-operators before the rest of the team. Denis Cowley owns and manages the fast-expanding carrier business.  

The Booker Transportation Services, Inc. operators get Free Tires For Life Lease and Longevity Bonus. The bonus earnings can quickly rise based on longevity, productivity, and service length. Under the Free Tire For Life referral bonus lease, operators must meet the minimum weekly revenue requirement to qualify for free tires. Part of the criteria analyzed during the performance evaluation is not registering preventable accidents in the first 90 days of operation or Dispatch and Safety and Accounting issues in the last 90 days. Over 6500 tires have already been claimed under the Free Tires For the Life of the Lease Program. 

By joining Booker Transportation Services, Inc. operators enjoy Daily Pay, Paid Road and Fuel Taxes, No Escrow, and No Money Down to cover Physical Damage and Bobtail Insurance. Other benefits include Fuel Discounts, Holiday Pay Programs, Paid Vacation Programs, and Operator of the Month and Year award programs. The Rio Grande Valley owner operator pays for the Auto Liability and General Liability, Cargo, and Trailer Interchange insurance on behalf of the contracted operators. The operators only need to furnish the office with Non-Truck Liability (Bobtail), Physical Damage, and Deductible Reduction Insurance. 

When applying for a lease, operators are asked to provide complete FMCSA Drug and Alcohol clearinghouse registration, copy of driver’s license, copy of the title, drug test results, and active nationwide cell phone. The valuable owner-operator resources offered by the company cover Personal Conveyance Policy, Monthly Maintenance Report, 12 Progressive Discipline Program, and Loading Produce: Minimizing Risk. Operators and prospects are encouraged to visit the company website to learn more.  

To speak to Booker Transportation Services, Inc. officials, call (866) 843-6663 or visit 37645 N. 281, Linn, Texas, 78563. Interaction with the team can also occur on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

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